Professional Designations

FGBC Certified Green Professional Designation

In a Competitive Marketplace, Differentiation is Key to Success
There exists a strong need in today’s industry to differentiate green building professionals who pursue advanced training from those who don’t. The FGBC Certified Green Professional designation serves that need.

Professional designations offer excellent opportunities to improve your skills, advance your career, and be recognized for your commitment to professional growth. For customers, professional designations convey superior training, practical experience, and in-depth knowledge. These are key when contracts are being awarded or you are being hired for a new position in your career.

The "Building Science for Green Professionals" two-day course is available to both FGBC members and non-members.  However, the FGBC Certified Green Professional Designation does require the applicant be a member in good standing.

Designation Prerequisites
Eight (8) hours of green home construction education within last 12 months.

Applicant Professional Experience
Applicant must have a minimum of one year of experience in any of the following categories. Written verification of experience is required.

Qualification Requirements

Annual Renewal Requirements